Banshees Bar Presents

How To Make Live Electronic Music

Week 4: Intros, Breaks, and Drops: Performance Technique

Thursday 23rd May 2024 | Doors 7PM | 5:30PM Start

Banshees Bar presents How To Make Live Electronic Music

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Week 4: Intros, Breaks, and Drops: Performance Techniques With a foundation of creative sounds, this lesson will focus on incorporating them into songs. We'll cover song structure elements like phrasing, measures, bars, beats, and call-and-response. Additionally, we'll explore the ABACAB style song structure. The workshop will conclude with individual recording sessions, guiding students through creating and laying down a live recording of their own compositions. These recordings will be shared on SoundCloud for friends, family, and fans to enjoy. 

Join us for an immersive journey into the world of electronic music creation!

Every Thursday evening from 5:30pm till 7:30pm in the vibrant ambiance of Banshee Bar, throughout the month of May. 

Whether you're a total beginner eager to explore the magic of music-making for the first time, an experienced musician looking to delve into electronic hardware and innovative approaches, or a bedroom DJ craving to craft your unique tracks and embrace the tactile essence of electronic music creation – this workshop is tailored just for you! 

Unlock the secrets of synthesizers, drum machines, effects pedals, and more, guided by seasoned instructors in a supportive and collaborative environment. 

Learn to craft captivating sounds, create catchy beats, and shape sonic landscapes that reflect your artistic style. 

Don't miss this opportunity to ignite your creativity and embark on an exciting musical journey! Reserve your spot today and let's make some unforgettable tunes together. 

See you there! 
 Student Testimonial: Ben Soundcloud: Iluzi "Playing with hardware synths is ridiculously fun. It's tactile and instantaneous and it unlocks a different kind of creativity that encourages exploration. I attended Julian's synth school coming from a background of pure software music production. Julian is a great teacher. He provided a thorough explanation of the instrument's parameters and how they interact to create the sounds and presets I've been using in my software for so long."

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