Banshees Bar Presents

45 Re-Issue | Generation Jones | Gift Horse

Friday 19th April 2024 | Doors 7PM | 8PM Start

Banshees Bar presents 45 Re-Issue | Generation Jones | Gift Horse

45 RE-ISSUE are a 4 piece band playing original melodic pop tunes. The band has its origins in the alternative Brisbane music scene of the 80s. Honing their musical style and tunes as the Temperate Zone in the smoky clubs around Brisbane. Remerging now with new gusto, reimagined tunes along with sparkling new numbers bringing a true original Brisbane sound to all their shows.

Gen Jones – the bastard son of scarlet ladies, forgotten in forgettable fictional tomes such as Pig City – or to put it another way – a collection of gentlemen dudes who refuse to believe that the war is over – not so much a garage band as a self help group – from living rooms where we feel secure comes the sound of eight hands clapping, four feet tapping and no brothers rapping. The wrapping. Get the picture? No?
Try this. drums, bass, two guitars = beatnik punk, a lungful of skunk, European sons who’ve done a bunk, smuggled pop sensibilities in their swimming trunks, electric junk for modern people, a pop art church without a steeple

They're joined by Generation Jones and Gift Horse for an epic night of power pop.

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