Your Talent, Our Room - Book A Show

Calling all creatives! Seize the chance to shine at Banshees. Whether you're a musician, comedian, or artist, we offer a platform for diverse talents. Plan your show or exhibition with us now!

Want to book a show?

So you’re a musician, comedian or other creative performer and want to play at Banshees!

That’s awesome.

Here’s how we do this:

Banshees books dates out to a single performer (the organiser) and that person books the supports for the night, with all supports to be approved by Banshees before confirmation.

We recommend having three performers in the evening, with doors opening at 7 and sets starting at 8, 9 and 10pm, but potentially running up to an hour later. 

We are generally booking 3-6 months in advance.

We book Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights for live, original music, comedy and drag shows, and want to see diverse voices on our lineups, so please organise your shows with this in mind. 

Banshees reserves the right to not book any person, act or group.

Check out our venue details page and please fill out this form or send us an email to with the relevant information, and we'll send you our available dates and answer any questions you may have.

If your performance request is more complicated, please email us! We are excited about experimental performance, multi-genre experiences and immersive art, and we can’t wait to chat with you about bringing your dreams to our venue.

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Want to book an art exhibit?

Are you a local independent visual artist who thinks your work might suit our space? 

Banshees books month-long art exhibits, and are open to solo or group exhibits. 

We don’t charge venue hire, but do take 20% commission from any art sales so please consider this when pricing your artwork. 

We will help you organise an opening, within our available dates. This is likely to be on a Sunday, a weekday, or in the afternoon on a Saturday, but we are open to negotiations if you have big plans.

Please email us at with your portfolio and any prospective dates, and we will be happy to chat. 

If you have works which you would like to leave in the bar we are happy to hang them between gallery sessions, and we have a permanent sales shelf for small works, prints and wearable art.

Include required dates, any launch party details and any other information that helps us to fully understand the booking.

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Want to book a function or private party?

Banshees charges $300 for a private booking.

We require a minimum of 30-40 guests and a maximum of 80.

Guest numbers must be confirmed in the week leading up to the event.

A sound engineer and use of our PA is included, if you’d like to bring bands, a DJ or a Spotify or Youtube playlist we are happy to accommodate, just let us know beforehand.

We can also provide a projector on request.

If you would like karaoke, we can provide this with a host for $175, or $500 for a drag performer host (up to 4 hours)

Please email us at for more info, and note that we book weekend dates 3-6 months in advance.

Include required dates, any sound or additional entertainment requirements and any other information that helps us to fully understand the booking.

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