Banshees Bar Presents

Banshees 6th Birthday Bonanza

Fin's Contingency Plan | The Worm Turns | Rutherford Jazz Trio | Pitch Kruger & The Slippery Eels

Saturday 25th May 2024 | Doors 7PM | 8PM Start

Banshees Bar presents Banshees 6th Birthday Bonanza

Banshees is turning 6! 

Come party with four hand-selected favourite bands of ours, on the evening of May 25th!

In no particular order we have local Ipswich crunchy cryptids Pitch Krueger & The Slippery Eels, Brisbane's largest 3-piece the Rutherford Jazz Trio (don't forget your fish hats), the epic art rock Worm Turns and resident nerd-rock darlings Fin's Contingency Plan!

It's only $15, it's going to be absolutely amazing, there will be all sorts of shenanegans. Don't miss out! Get your tickets now!

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$15 (includes booking fee)

Single Entry 18+

Sale Closes May 25 at 7pm

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