Welcome to the Shiny New Banshees Website!

Welcome one and all to the new Banshees online experience!

Welcome to the Shiny New Banshees Website!

1 minute read · February 1, 2024 · Written By Al Wheeler

Hello folks!

Here we are at the brand new bansheesbar.com.au!

This is the new one-stop shop for all things Banshees (except for alcohol and live music - come visit for that!)

The very lovely local folks at Programmable Soda have developed this very shiny website for us, with integrated ticketing, news updates and events of all kinds. Find all the events we have coming up, check out what exhibits we have coming up, and if you want to book a show, exhibition or party, read our guidelines on what to ask for and forms you can fill out (or just email us with the info to hello@bansheesbar.com.au). There's also a mailing list at the bottom of this page, for those of you who aren't keen on social media. 

We are transitioning away from our external ticketinng page, and all ticket purchases in the future will be made on this website! You will have to create a new login, but like every ticket site it's a one time thing with an easy passkey. It also integrates modern ticketing, and you can download your tickets into your digital wallet as a scannable QR code! We will be testing this system over the next few months so please be patient with us! Don't worry, we will still have tickets available on the door for shows that are not sold out, and we will work with you to ensure that if the technology just isn't working for you we'll still get you into your shows. 

So, explore the site, give us some feedback, we hope you enjoy the new experience!